Respecting the Rules: Health, Safety and the Environment

All manufacturing operations performed at TFI are done in a manner that either meets or exceeds all applicable environmental and health and safety requirements.

All the concrete footings and foundations in the plant are sealed with special compounds to prevent seepage of chemicals over time. Likewise the surface of the plant floor is covered with a special coating. Our containment areas can hold 150% of the total capacity of the storage tanks in the event of a major spill or rupture. Both groundwater and the surface water runoff from the site are monitored regularly, and have been since before the plant treated its first charge of lumber.

At TFI, every employee is trained to produce treated products that meet our customers’ highest expectations. Our production work force is experienced and capable. TFI has an active employee health and safety program. This includes first aid and emergency procedures training as well as regular monitoring of employee health and fitness.

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Total Forest Industries shares with all Canadians the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of our environment, now and for the future. In the spirit of environmental responsibility and sustainable development, the Canadian Wood Preservation Certification Authority (CWPCA) was created to ensure that treating plants maintain environmentally responsible practices in plant design and operation. TFI received certification in 2000 certifying that our plant respects and fulfills the demands and requirements outlined by Environment Canada’s Technical Recommendations Document for the Design and Operation of Wood Preservation Facilities (TRD).

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