MicroPro Sienna® Treated Wood is pressure treated with MicroPro® Micronized Copper Azole (MCA), a registered wood preservative in the CSA Standards formulated especially for Canadian species and use conditions.

Micronized iron oxide pigments added during pressure treatment give the wood the warm Sienna colour similar to cedar.

The MicroPro preservative technology is a waterborne, micronized copper azole system developed to provide long-term protection for wood exposed in exterior applications. The MicroPro system is based on the well-established effectiveness of copper combined with an azole compound and is applied to wood by pressure treatment. The copper compound is micronized or physically ground into submicron copper particles. These particles are small enough to remain suspended in solution for pressure treating without the need for a solvent, which reduces the corrosive properties and improves the environmental benefits of the treated wood.

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